We specialize in auto electrical repairs consisting of Electronic engine management systems / Starter motors and alternators / Batteries and terminals / All LED / Spotlights / Worklights / Safety lights / Camera systems and reverse buzzers / Electric over hydraulic diagnosing and repairs


At Aust West Auto Electrical we carry out all repairs, servicing and installations to vehicles, trucks, mining and agricultural equipment. Our experienced team can design and upgrade air conditioning systems to suit size restrictions and harsh environmental working conditions.


We supply all batteries for cars, motorbikes, trucks, mining and agricultural equipment. We also supply and install Dual battery systems Custom systems designed to customer needs Battery charges to suit AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA and Standard Lead Acid batteries. Advantages of Bosch Batteries 100% Maintenance free All Bosch batteries are totally sealed and require no water replacement during their entire service life. Fast, reliable starting power Safe starting in any weather and resistant to high engine chamber temperatures. Meets the demands of modern vehicles Meets the growing demands of


New truck and trailer fit outs air conditioning de-gas re-gas and repairs 12V-240V inverters Electric over hydraulic ramp systems spot lights / LED lighting and accessories custom built safety systems on demand key on-lights on safety systems emergency stops camera and reversing systems computer controlled safety shutdown systems Electric over air fault finding and repair Anti-lock braking All instrumentation and gauges Diagnostics, adjustments and repairs of engine management systems Electronic control panels and management systems Remotely operated equipment repairs PTO systems         starter motors and alternators UHF