GPS Tracking

Aust West Auto Electrical are a licensed BigMate installer of various monitoring and tracking systems.

We can put together custom packages to suit various customers needs, such as speed monitoring, PTO engaged/disengaged, bin counting systems, and mower engaged/disengaged.

Why Choose BIGmate?

Solutions offered by BIGmate with its IVMS and various other tracking packages are creating significant value everyday for our customers across many industries and markets including:

  • Mining, Energy, and Resources
  • Transportation
  • Services
  • Local and State Govermnment

BIGmate for Fleet GPS & Vehicle Tracking, IVMS & GPS Asset Tracking

If you can monitor it, we can track it.

BIGmate are specialists in In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) & Fleet GPS Tracking to improve the safety, security, and utilisation of your vehicles or mobile equipment.

Our IVMS enables you to track and monitor critical information, including:

  • Driver identification and behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration/braking/cornering
  • Seatbelt, handbrake & 4WD status monitoring (Vehicle dependant)
  • Speed zones and driver behaviour thresholds can be defined for different geofences
  • Engine hours, odometer and speed
  • Vehicle activity, utilisation, driver behaviours and fuel reports
  • Track, plan and schedule maintenance and services
  • Incident replay option to recover second-by-second GPS locations and speeds leading up to events
  • “Call to Attention” switches for drivers and event alerts (when data communication is possible)
  • Configuration of GPS Asset device settings remotely through the GPRS, 3G, NextG, and 4G networks (depending on hardware installed)
  • And much mire!